Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Theft Protection

 "Hello Android buddies!". Sounds really cool, right?? 
Obviously, Android has created a new revolution in the mobile world because of its Open Source features. Though it is Open Source, we can see lot of advantages and disadvantages. I've seen many geeks in android also lot more noobs. More than 1 Billion android users are there in this world and the count is getting increased day by day. Even now many users are reading this blog in your android phones. If so, a Happy news in waiting for you guys. 

We are spending huge bucks in buying a Android device but How you feel when it got stolen are Misplaced somewhere?  Don't worry guys, you are at right place. Yeah, here we gonna see how to secure your device from thieves hand  also how to track it effectively. You know what the word "Effectively" means and you really agree it once you are done with this cool method.

For Android geeks - Best method to track/protect your droid (Rooted devices)
For Noobs - Sorry for you guys, small loop hole is there (NON Rooted devices)

Before we customize our device for tracking, lets consider what a thief will do if he/she steals your mobile.
  1. Power Off your mobile to prevent getting calls and sms or simply to get off from tracking.
  2. If lockscreen protection is enabled, he/she tries to remove the phone battery (in case of removable battery mobiles).
  3. Remove SIM card from your mobile. At this point all users will lose their hope in getting their mobile back.
  4. Factory reset your mobile.
  5. If he/she is a geeky, flashing new ROM is also possible(bit funny but its fact).
To overcome all these darkest part, we gonna use 3 different apps in our process. 


          Enable Password protected lock-screen from settings and I hope all users know how to do it. Now your droid's data is protected securely.


         Install Smart Lockscreen protector app from Playstore and ON the Enable Lockscreen option under Power menu settings.

Now this app won't let you to Power Off your mobile from Lockscreen. Its one of the best app for devices with non-removable battery. Problem 1 is solved.


          Install AutomateIT app from Playstore or spend few bucks on AutomateIT PRO which unlocks all features. This app allows user to enable Data/WIFI/GPS using SMS commands. For devices running android version prior to GingerBread 2.3, GPS can be enabled by any third party apps however devices above GB 2.3, Google has blocked the access hence ROOT permission is required to enable this feature. Sorry for the users with non-rooted droids. Check the picture to create trigger and action if you are using the app for the first time. To enable the "Composite Action" in the Action column, you need to unlock the feature at the bottom of the list which asks you to create account. Just Go ahead.

 Once you are done with the configuration, test it by sending the sms with specified format gpson from another number and see what happens. You'll receive an acknowledgment sms that the config has been applied and all the options which you've specified are enabled. So if you come to know that your mobile has been stolen, this sms commands let you to activate GPS remotely and we can track effectively compared to Network location. Big thanks to the developer of this awesome app.

 STEP 4:

          Now we are going to use 2 different steps to track the devices running android version 2.2 and above.
  • Using Android Device Manger
  • Using Cerberus Antitheft app
Android Device Manger:
          Thanks to Google for allowing us to track our device associated with the Gmail account. To locate your device in ADM, you need to apply some settings. Open Google Settings app and enable the options in picture.

Goto Settings->Security->Phone administrator and Enable Android Device Manger. Now open Android Device Manager from the browser and you can track the device, also it allows you to remotely lock and wipe user data.

Though ADM allows you to locate your device, the features are very limited and I hope Google will update more features in near future
Cerberus Anti-theft:
         I'm sure you guys will surely attracted by this awesome app. Many have heard about this app but still I need to explain its features here but sadly I don't have time for it. Hope you know what I mean. It has hell lot of features which allows user to get device info remotely, call logs, sms logs, Send sms to specified number about the SIM change which is one of the best feature which solves problem 3.  
Install Cerberus Antitheft app from Playstore. You'll get one week trail period after that you need to buy license to continue the service and its worth spending few bucks on this app. First installation allows you to create User account and enable the following options

You can register 3 mobile numbers to receive notification about the SIM change. Login to the Cerberus site and there you can see all the features provided by this app and I'm damn sure that you can surely locate your device using any one of the features.


          Catch the thief and show who you are..!!
          Even though we considered so many things in mind to protect our device, you must be very careful from looters. I can't guarantee that this method will work 100% but surely I'll give 95% to rooted mobile and 90% to others. Also keep in mind that you've limited time period to track & recover your mobile as it decreases along with the device battery percentage.

I hope you've enjoyed My first article on android and more to come soon.

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